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We're still back for Miitopia which gives us the opportunity to talk to you about How to Pass a Serious Soldier.

What does it take to pass a serious soldier in Miitopia?

  There are some tasks that can become somewhat complex, and moving to a serious soldier may sometimes not be as simple as one would like, in this sense, it is worth noting that they usually live up to the name, in such a way that they will do everything possible to prevent our access to Greenhorne Castle, in this sense it is necessary to work a little more to achieve a method that allows us to pass through it.

How to pass a serious soldier in Biomutant?

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    This is a process for which it is necessary:

    •  Getting the Mayor's Introduction and that requires facing the Doubtful Mayor.
    • To face the mayor it is necessary to have completed the mission where we are asked to find all the stolen faces.
    • It is necessary to have a conversation with the Mayor Doubtful in which he will be in charge of telling us about the Dark Lord.
    •  Once we have finished talking he will give us an object called “Mayor's Presentation”.
    •  Next we must go to the entrance of the Castle to interact with the Serious Soldier and when we approach him, he will tell us “You are approaching Greenhorne Castle. I'm sorry, but I can't allow you… ”, this allows us to give a response notice just by pressing“ A ”, in this way it allows us to give notice to the Serious Soldier, that we have the“ Presentation of the Mayor ” document.
    •  Once this has been done, sinuses are allowed to enter as soon as the path has been cleared.

     Note: it should be noted that this castle is unlocked for the full version of the game, in case of having the demo version you cannot do anything, because the castle is locked

     Generally speaking, know How to pass a serious soldier. It offers us the possibility of accessing the castle after a talk with the Mayor at Miitopia.

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