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We keep talking about Miitopia and this allows us to tell you how to accelerate everything.

What does it mean to speed everything up in Miitopia?

As we progress through this game, we are offered the possibility of seeing that it usually has enough text, in addition to being slow enough, in such a way that knowing How to speed everything up can give us some fascinating results while avoiding slowness, in such a way that even the dialogues there is the possibility of speeding them up, and even the battles also have the same functionality for which, it is necessary to apply some simple actions and to offer you the details we are here.

How to speed everything up in Miitopia?

Before entering the solution itself, it is necessary to take into account:
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    • The characters here tend to talk a lot, if we want to keep up with the story we must read enough.
    • Events and battles are usually slow in Miitopia because there is a lot of text in them too.
    • It is possible to observe that the team members talk a lot to each other while we are fighting, this could affect the outcome of the battle.
    • It should be noted that according to this amount of talk we usually find ourselves with, there is the possibility of activating some abilities and skills that can lead to various actions in the fight.

    So, knowing how to accelerate everything allows us to have this solution:

    • Hold down the B, ZL, ZR buttons to speed up each instance of the game.
    • Just keeping those buttons pressed allows us to see that everything that is shown on our screen can be accelerated.
    • It is possible to see that the characters move regularly, there are changes in the animation of the battle, this allows less time to wait to jump from one area to another.
    • Having the possibility of pressing these buttons does not have a negative impact on the game, on the contrary, it allows counting more quickly which avoids having to wait longer than it should.
    • This action of pressing the buttons is somewhat more favorable when we are presented with a repetition of dialogues, this when skills are usually activated.

    In this sense, knowing How to accelerate everything allows us to have the possibility of avoiding the slowness with which the Miitopia develops due to the amount of dialogues and texts it has.

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