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Today we bring you a Miitopia guide where we will tell you How to raise Bond

What is the point of raise Bond in Miitopia?

Simply unlock the skills and abilities, which allows us to have the possibility of advancing to areas that may become somewhat more complex, so that knowing how to increase the link, allows us to forge a bond for the characters with each other, in such a way that this allows us to activate and win the battles.

How to raise Bond in Miitopia?

  There are two ways to achieve this and they are:
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Fighting: this is a first way to raise Bond in Miitopia, the combats are usually more relevant, they can also occur randomly, while the combat is taking place there is the possibility of executing attacks together, which allows increasing bong between both, if the object is to be able to fight to know how to increase the bond starting from the opportunity to count on mutual help, which is growing little by little.

Using the inn: this is another option to know how to increase the bond, that is usually done after having finished the race, in such a way that it is necessary to get two characters to meet in the same room and spend the night together, in addition to given If you see another Mii walking around the room, it is possible to place it in the room and click on the option "Check equipment", it is possible that they have free time in Miitopia and therefore it allows them to increase bond, even when they don't sleep together.

It should be noted that to know how to increase bond it is good to take into account:


  •  We must be attentive to the notifications of "Check on the computer".
  • It is possible to send a couple of outputs in order to increase the bond.
  • The outings are an extra section of free time where it is possible that there are fights or QTE events.
  • It is favorable to send two Mii to the exit with the special tickets necessary is Miitopia.
  • Special tickets can be obtained as rewards from NPCs, Chests.
  • It is vital to maintain the bond between two characters on an equal level, which allows them to synchronize and help each other.
  • It is necessary to increase the bond because there are AoE attacks that can become strong a little later, it is necessary to have members with a high bond, this because there is the possibility of unlocking the horse and this requires playing with an adequate level.

 Now that you know how to increase bond it is time to embark on this task and thus continue to progress in Miitopia.

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