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This time we return with a Miitopia guide, aiming to explain how to defeat the devil.

What to know about the daemon in Miitopia?

He is known as Fiend, one of the many enemies that will be an obstacle in our progress, as long as we are good with our jobs and the combinations we can beat anyone, he has an HP of 100, despite being considered weak for this he has a great level in magic attacks, its attack and defense power is 30, it has a speed and magic of 10,000, physical attacks are weak, but there is a magic attack capable of causing 999 damage, we can find this type of demon in the lotus lake, the ascent of Karkaton, in the castle of the dark lord and in peculiar, now considering these data it is ideal to know how to defeat the demon and for this we will see the following details.

How to beat the demon in Miitopia?

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    Our focus is on taking advantage of the weakness that it has to physical damage, so a strong physical character is necessary, while magical characters must focus on protection, using magic shields, healing and empowerment, we do not have to use magic against of the Fiends, because the damage is very low, now when it uses its magic attack if we want to survive in Miitopia what we will do is have a shield or be an energetic Mii to use Hang On, another survival option is to be at the highest level and the friendship with two characters, attacking with the DPS is the best and if we attack them with the vampire tornado Bat attack it is very viable.

    While we are looking at How to beat the demon, we have a stronger version of this, which is known as terror Fiend, here the strategy must take an important turn both in the works and in the composition of the group, they have the same speed and magic, only boosted in the HP which is now 666 and the attack of 190, at this point we must have the foam shield, which could help us avoid death due to its powerful attacks, we must take into account the same weakness of physical attacks, so bat tornadoes are the precise option as the only spell capable of damaging them, we must be attentive to a possibility of facing 4 terror Fiends in a single combat, which may mean that we will not go out this.

    So we finished our guide on How to beat the devil, hoping that you can get the best out of Miitopia, a very busy game.

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