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Those who want to know how to get access key codes in Miitopia, with the following article they will be able to know how to do it.

What are passkey codes in Miitopia?

They are a series of codes with which you can change the appearance of your characters, which have been saved from the designs of other players, which can be shared online if you are a member of Nintendo Online. With this in mind, it will be worth knowing how to obtain passkey codes.

How to get passkey codes in Miitopia?

You can access several passwords, each one with several options for Mii designs, as we mentioned at the beginning, they have been created by other users and later compiled into a RandomRam video, where a lot of designs are compiled.
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    To use the keys you will have to go to the Mii Characters page in the main menu> access Add Mii characters> then access receive, the option with a Wi-Fi symbol next to it> enter the code in the dialog box and then select what miis of that code do you want to get.

    You can make your own Mii design and share it to make it part of the other popular designs that already exist.

      That's all you need to know about how to get passkey codes in Miitopia, we hope you can get all the designs you like and get the most out of these passkey codes.

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