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Biomutant has come to entertain us which allows us to tell you how to level up.

What is the point of leveling up in Biomutant?

As simple as getting to be adorable and powerful, it is necessary to have a high level because as we explore we get different enemies that we need to face, so knowing how to level up turns out to be a necessary action because it offers us the chance to earn XP.

How to level up in Biomutant?

There are three ways to achieve this, and they are:

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    Complete main missions: this is one of the most important tasks that we usually carry out here, in addition these are usually related to the four roots of the "Tree of Life", so that when being attacked by mysterious monsters it is necessary to order us to complete the activities that allow us to get XP.

    Defeat the enemies:
    this is another necessary option to explore, we must also understand that here there are enemies of different sizes, some may turn out to be less complex than others, but in the same way it is necessary to eliminate them in order to get level up, it is necessary to take the time necessary to plan the fights well, especially when these beasts are usually more formidable.

    Complete the missions:
    this is our last action to execute to get to the level, fortunately there are a good number of secondary missions, among which are getting some special armor, or locating different satellite dishes, in addition to having to face some beasts, The most important of all this is to take charge of carrying out the respective explorations, talking with the NPCs and reviewing the diary in order to cross out the activities that have been carried out so as not to repeat them or waste time searching.

    Definitely, knowing how to level up allows us to have the possibility to mobilize and explore enough in Biomutant.

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