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In the Miitopia universe we have many tasks, one of them has to do with all the Amiibo costumes and here are the details.

What to know about Amiibo in Miitopia?

It is about the scanning capacity that is presented in the console to be able to obtain costumes as well, apart from other options such as collectibles, based on Nintendo themes, we can access additional costumes, considering the 3 that are obtained through the inn then knowing what all the Amiibo costumes are is something timely that will be discussed in the following text.

What are all the Amiibo costumes in Miitopia?

We must take into account about all the additional Amiibo costumes that from this list are those that exclusively of these characters the costumes can be used, in case we access an amiibo that is not here we can only get from these tickets, they turn out to be scannable objects, but they won't be amiibo in Miitopia, so let's look at the following:
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    • Ganondorf from Zelda
    • Zelda Link
    • Zelda's Zelda with the Twilight Princess dress
    • Zelda Sheik
    • Isabelle from Animal Crossing
    • Donkey kong
    • Kirby
    • Mario Bros.
    • Mario Bros. ' Luigi
    • Yoshi from Mario Bros.
    • Squid Inkling by Splatoon
    • Ness by Earthbound
    • Samus from Metroid
    • Zero Suit Samus from Metroid
    • Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing
    • Mario Bros. ' Peach
    • Mario Bros. ' Daisy
    • Mario Bros. ' Rosalina
    • Mario Bros. ' Bowser
    • Mario Bros. ' Toad
    • Splatoon's Inkling Boy
    • Inkling Girl by Splatoon
    • Callie from Splatoon
    • Marie from Splatoon
    • Tom Nook from Animal Crossing
    • K.K Slider from Animal Crossing

    Limitations are not presented for the number of scans that we can do, thus managing to add what more we can, it is important to highlight the existence of a possible access code for online character creation to access other costumes, as for the scan it is something that requires having progressed in some missions for its availability, thus achieving the unlocking of Nintendo's NPC Fan, which will be displayed on the world map, which when interacting we are asked about the use of the amiibo, which will let us know about some locations for a possible scan, which can be done with the Joy-Cons on the right stick, with the pro controller on the Switch logo at the top of the controller and on Switch Lite with the right stick.

    Knowing what all the Amiibo costumes are is interesting, because we can get along better while having fun with Miitopia.

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