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With our Miitopia guide you will learn more about How to get gold.

What to know about gold in Miitopia?

It is something of the utmost importance, because it is the form of payment to access through the purchase of weapons, suits and armor, even consumables, so it is essential if we want to improve the equipment that each of our characters has, With the option to spend gold that is presented at the inn at any time we can use it in the aforementioned purchases, now it is ideal that we know how to get gold and in the next content of this guide will be the details, let's see.

How to get gold in Miitopia?

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    Throughout Miitopia multiple options are presented that will allow us to solve How to get gold, these being the missions, chests, defeating enemies and much more, this on a regular basis, but it can be deepened to go for more, for this they are considered a couple of possibilities, with roulette it is one of them, only that it will depend on whether we are in the middle or end of the game prior to meeting in the postwar stage, then with this mini game that is in the inn we can win a piece of team making the pointer stop in the yellow zone, this cattle can be sold for the same purchase cost, so there is much to be obtained in this way and that is sold to get gold, with the help of the Amiibo if we have it in quantities, 3 tickets are won for each Amiibo scan, considering that these are not registered in the game, because those that are only give us access to suits.

    In the event that we do not have the tickets we can focus on a method that will be used once we have completed the game, because by doing so we will be unlocking the area of ​​new Galados and this has a gold route from node 10-11 that You can take it with a rich Snurp with a 50 percent chance, this will give us if we beat 20,000 gold, the interesting thing about this is that we can repeat it as many times as we want to gather a fortune.

     Now that you know how to get gold, just do it and keep having fun with how amazing Miitopia turns out to be.

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