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The action in Miitopia does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to get weapons and armor.

What to know about the weapons and armor in Miitopia?

It is something of the utmost importance to face the different dangers throughout our progress, being our beginning with a whole team and basic skills, we must bear in mind that with the progress we are making in history we will have the option to increase our capacities in general, among which it is necessary to know how to get weapons and armor, for this we have the content of this guide, let's see it.

How to get weapons and armor in Miitopia?

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    We will have a couple of options regarding how to get weapons and armor, one of which is through the inn, so once we conclude with a node in a specific region we will end up in the inn, here you can rest and access to a series of options, among these we have the use of gold to acquire these resources, just by spending gold we will see our Miis, thus having access to a weapon or armor, we will talk with said character and we can send him to perform the purchase of that object, with some success we can have it equipped instantly, otherwise it would end up being a consumable, which would represent a failure despite the fact that we are reimbursed for the expense made in gold.

    The other option that is presented to us in Miitopia is through the activities that are also present in the inn, which depends on the use of the arcade, you have to choose it from the options that are available and play roulette, here we can get a series reward and can include weapons and armor, apart from that the chests from the outside world can be an option to obtain objects when eliminating nodes, only that when you want to open them some can contain traps, which can result in a risk of annihilation.

     This is all we need to know about How to get weapons and armor, we just have to apply what we have learned and continue having fun at Miitopia.

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