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We invite you to discover How to win rock, paper, scissors, a new task in Miitopia.

What to know about Miitopia?

Gold becomes an important factor as a source of money in the game, there are multiple options to obtain it, but the most suitable for this turns out to be the rock, paper and scissors mini game, for the 3DS version this option had a pattern for the movements of the robot, where it is towards one of the 3 different movements of the hand, which could mean a way to determine its next hand, now to know how to win rock, paper, scissors we must consider the details that are included in this guide , let's see them next.

How to Win rock, paper, scissors in Miitopia?

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    Our opponent in this mini-game is a computer, despite being in the game world or outside it, something that in turn works randomly, so it is not possible to determine any game code, or even to know the possibilities of Some hands compared to others, we must bear in mind that when we win the first time the robot will increase the bet with double or nothing, if we win we will have double the bet, but if we lose the robot takes the prize, considering a strategy we have the possibility of seeing their gestures, if it points up with the finger, we must choose to use the same movement with which we won the last time, now if it closes the hand with the first, everything indicates that we choose the same hand from the last round with which we won, while finally if this bends the finger we will make the choice of the strength of the hand with which we won the last round, if we draw we choose the same play, it must be made clear that this is not exactly 100 percent effective.

     In this way we finish our Miitopia guide, now you know how to Win rock, paper, scissors, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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