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If you came to this article it is because you are wondering how to unlock the vampire job in Miitopia and that is what we will tell you today.

What is the vampire job in Miitopia?

This is one of the secret jobs in the game, with which you can drain the life points of the enemies, among other skills that you can enjoy, if you have doubts about how to unlock the vampire job here we will guide you.

How to unlock vampire job in Miitopia?

The first thing you have to do is get the bat amulet, completing the search for a vampire that is in the Traveler's Center.
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    For this mission you will have to go to the Manor Macabre area, where you will face an emerging puppet, which you will have to eliminate to obtain the Bat Charm as a reward, in addition to unlocking the Vampire job.

    You must have access to both the Traveller's Hub and Manor Macabre, to have this item and unlock the job.

    This job has high stats, plus it allows you to deal higher damage.

      After introducing you this guide on how to unlock the vampire job in Miitopia, we hope you can unlock the job and get all the abilities it provides in the game.

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