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The Terraria universe brings us a little bit of everything, being lucky is something we did not expect but it happens, let's see How to increase luck

Having luck is always the goal that we all set ourselves in absolutely everything we do, but some players choose to get more fortunate, because we want to get everything necessary and eliminate those who affect us.

How to increase luck in Terraria?

Increasing luck allows us to obtain better statistics and get objects, but this also puts us close to danger, since we probably get more enemies, which easily makes us think about each step we are going to take, counting that luck can get us to have Some impact on the gameplay, since normally we get ourselves with a number of enemies and it is ideal to be prepared with potions, torches and garden gnomes, this is necessary to add some elements such as:
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    • The Legendary Fairy.
    • The falling rates of hearts and the stars of Mana.
    • Drop rates for unique items.
    • The rare outbreaks of the enemy.
    • Ore drop rates.

    How to increase luck with Potions in Terraria?

    There is the possibility of consuming potions to make them luckier, normally they are not usually stacked, because they can have adverse effects.

    The affected potions are:

    • Minor Luck Potion (increases luck for 3 minutes).
    • Greater Luck Potion (Increase luck by 10 minutes)
    • Potion of Luck (Increase luck by 5 minutes).

    How to increase the luck with torches in Terraria?

    It is good to comment that the torch as such does not increase luck, but placing ourselves near them if, there is no bad luck in it either, there are several types of torches in this game and a continuation of the biomass updates where it is possible to get them.

    • In the underground snow we can get the ice torch.
    • In the depths of the ocean we get the Bone Torch.
    • In underground corruption we get the corrupted torch.
    • In the underground desert we get the desert torch.
    • In the underground crimson we get the torch from the depth.
    • In the underground crimson we get the crimson torch.
    • In underground holiness we get the sacred torch.
    • In underground corruption we get the cursed torch.
    • In the jungle we get the jungle torch.

    How to increase luck with ladybugs in Terraria?

    Increasing luck leads us to perform various tasks here and ladybugs are one of those options to be lucky, they are good luck, we must have the possibility of never killing them because this gives us bad luck and that if it gets serious enough .

    Characteristics of ladybugs.

    • Ladybugs can become lantern nights everywhere.
    • Coming into contact with a ladybug gives us luck for about 12 minutes.
    • Golden ladybugs grant luck for around 24 minutes.
    • Instead killing a normal ladybug will give us 3 minutes of bad luck.
    • Eliminating a golden ladybug will give us 6 minutes of bad luck.

    In this sense, knowing how to increase luck allows us to travel to some places and get objects and items necessary to chase in Terraria, try it.

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