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2020-05-25 01:24:31

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You are looking to know how to increase infamy rank in Maneater, get ready because here we will cover everything about it.

What should we know about infamy rank in Maneater?

We were before Maneater, where a bull shark has the purpose of devouring everything in its path, including humans, this fact causing a fierce fight, in which it is necessary to access the hunters, allowing us to win many extra improvements, So if we want to summon these hunters, we have to know how to increase the rank of infamy and for us to contact the content that follows, pay attention.

How to increase infamy rank by Maneater?

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Our initial steps to follow is to raise our threat level, for this we have to go for the humans and hunt and devour them, in the lake of the dead horse we will find them, the more humans we consume, we will have more power, which in turn We will have increases in threat levels, by locating ourselves in the first level, we will have the presence of the bounty hunters, they will look in places that we have already attacked people, they have weapons and they will be in boats or jet skis , after all this we will go on to increase our infamy rank, we will obtain the points by ending these bounty hunters, having the objective of finishing us, it is important that to defeat them we avoid the red sights of lasers if we do not want to be hit with their weapons, when we have already managed to destroy many, one more hunter will come, if we finish, we gain an evolution ability that they have, but it is not possible to avoid the hunters, in different order will continue to come for us.

 It is evident that knowing how to increase infamy rank allows us to have more fun in Maneater.

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