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Crucible has barely come out a couple of days ago bringing you will get a lot of action, get ready to learn how to level up Battle Pass

What does the Crucible battle pass bring?

Knowing how to level up Battle Pass places us in a competitive enough point above all, counting with the possibility of constantly carrying out challenges, since normally and as it is already known with current games, it comes with a battle pass that must be leveled, but it is here where we are faced with a dilemma, if we are going to be working on free tracks we will last too many days which we represent our last season, on the contrary, opting for the paid track simply implies having about 10 dollars and with this unlocking it with the object to be able to level it.

How to level up Battle Pass in Crucible?

Micro transactions are fundamental in this game, especially since they are the most ideal when it comes to getting the battle pass, especially while we are playing before June 1, they serve us to buy the battle pass, implying an advance Now, what we have left is to level it, but this is being achieved through weekly challenges and daily challenges.
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    The day challenges served to level a free circuit for a single player, these challenges allow us to obtain 7 stars for each day, but obviously it is for a certain time, since when the doll reaches 30th place, the free track simply rewards it, managing to have than to use the entire entire season to collect all the implements on the track, it is also ideal to dedicate a good amount of time to this game.

    The Crucible battle pass is completed with this content.

    • First of all it is good to know the number of levels is 80.
    • A total of 160 stars are required to be earned by completing daily challenges.
    • There are 8 series of weekly challenges.
    • The total number of challenge days is 29.
    • The complete season has a duration of 5 2 days.

    In Crucible we get ourselves a number of interesting options to complete the objectives and choose to level  battle pass, this allows us to eliminate the old challenges with the possibility of catching up in case we can be somewhat delayed, although honestly that is not the idea.

    On the other hand, knowing how to level up Battle Pass is an impossible thing to do, because the challenges are not complex, because it is possible to achieve with some that require us to win a certain number of parts in some way, or eliminate a number of NPCs. They really are quite simple, but necessary to do.

    To see and perform the weekly and daily challenges it is necessary to go to the entry screen and from there click on Battle Pass label located at the top, then below we see the Challenges option, where we can see all the that are available to be made and that contains the season.

    In Crucible there is the possibility of buying a package to unlock battle pass ranges for money, firstly the individual ranges there is simply no way to buy them currently, there are 3 different packages with the accessories included, the detail is that the costs have Prices, meanwhile, are even included above the range, since they range from $ 10 for $ 14 to $ 40 for $ 50.

    This is all we know for now about how to level up Battle Pass, keeping in mind that it is only possible to achieve all of the daily and weekly challenges that Crucible has for us.

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