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2020-05-25 01:15:23

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It is normal to want to know all the spaces that Maneater brings, let's see in this guide How to unlock new areas

Why unlock new areas in Maneater?

Normally we are used to mobilizing in different places, and in Maneater it is not different, contacting above all with the possibility that as a powerful shark it is necessary to know something more about the biodiversity that is presented here, it is important to consider that the more areas we know better we can develop.

How many areas does Maneatar have?

Knowing how to unlock new areas allows us to move around various regions exploring, especially because there are 8 specific areas that we need to liberate, it is just that it is important to have a few skills to know an area that is managed especially when we are in the first, that is to say, that of the swamp alone, since the normal thing is to get some opportunity to be able to go to new territories.

How to unlock new areas in Maneater?

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History gives us indications of where they are going, so that is an advance and it is not necessary to go off course, as soon as we are going to progress the way in which we can advance is presented and in the same way we are indicated where we are going. We lead, especially keeping in mind that every time we manage to make some kind of progress we will be directed to the next area we will explore.

As soon as we finish exploring an area, we move to the next one automatically, it is possible to obtain an interesting option and that is to jump the dike to the west with the aim of entering the Costa Dorada, to execute some free exploration, in the Lake Horse of Death, but it cannot be taken as an option due to the presentation of a door that prevents us from accessing Caviar Key, this is extremely favorable for novices due to how complex it can be, on the other hand if we go to the Zafiro Bay if it can be more accessible from the Lake.

In one form or another of the saber How to unlock new areas is not difficult while we have skills, to be able to jump and get to carry out the necessary explorations, the important thing here is to keep the opportunity to go to the 8 areas anyway and thus get experience in Maneater, because it is a favorable point soon when we must unlock other types of things, here it is necessary not to focus too much on how to unlock the regions, because the story is slowly going.

Definitely Maneater allows us to be able to operate with total peace of mind, and knowing how to unlock new areas is simply an option to get to know other places and be prepared for all the content that this game brings.

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