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2020-05-25 01:43:26

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Get the details on How to Become Adult in this amazing and explanatory Maneater guide.

In Maneater we will go through the stages of growth in the same way that humans live, in which we will go through adolescence from shark to adulthood, for this we have to improve our levels and statistics, to understand concretely, it is within our reach reach this guide and its content to help us about it, let's see the following details.

What to know to be adult in Maneater?

Getting to be a teenager is actually very fast that is achieved, this is seen only in the tutorial of the game, now if you are looking to reach the adult stage that is going to take a long time, however it is very important to achieve improvements and bonuses, also that the statistics are going to reach this stage, it is possible to cross doors that are only to break the adults, access more exploration areas and perform the unlocking of many collectibles, in short more options within our reach, now to have more information on How to become adult, let's continue reading.

How to become adult in Maneater?

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It is necessary that we reach adulthood we reach level 10, with some restrictions possible depending on our area, taking into account that we receive few experience points for jobs that are not directly related to the missions, making it impossible to obtain level 10 before Golden Shores, when we meet on the golden shores, it will be enough to reach the level to be an adult, now if this happens in the lake of the dead horse, what we will do is to go to the golden shores, we will notice an icon next to our bar of experience once we reach level 10, it means that we have the ability to grow old, in an open world this is impossible, so it is necessary to return to any grotto, without being in a fight, we choose the grotto on the map and we'll go straight on a fast trip.

In conclusion, knowing how to become adult is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving game like Maneater.

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