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Lidia Rozo
2021-04-14 16:07:42

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Today we bring a guide on Iphone where we propose to explain to you how to solve the battery that does not charge 100 %, let's see.

Why is the battery not charging 100 % in Iphone?

Some of us consider that this failure may be related to the software as a defect, but in reality this does not usually occur in this way, in this sense, solving the battery that does not charge 100 percent is related to a new functionality that has been incorporated into the software For iOS and iPadOS, this functionality allows you to slow down the charging of the Iphone device, especially considering that the lithium-ion battery they bring tends to deteriorate over time, this function aims to:


  •   Slow down so that the equipment is not overloaded.
  • The operating system is responsible for determining when the Iphone is loaded.

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How to Fix battery not charging to 100% on iPhone?

 It is necessary to make it clear that this function can be deactivated when we consider it viable, since it is not a matter that should be applied, however having the battery at 100 % is not exactly the most recommended, in fact this software is really a very favorable tool above all when some users leave the device charging overnight, as this function can come into action here and ensure that the Iphone does not overload, as it is good to know that the function is usually activated according to the consumption pattern.

 Knowing how to get the battery that is not charged to 100 % is usually important and in this sense, deactivating it can be a free option and for this it is necessary:


  •  Choose to open the iPhone settings.
  • Go to drums and proceed to play on drum health.
  • Next we deactivate the optimized battery charge toggle.
  • Then we are shown a pop-up window where we are presented with the two options to deactivate either "Deactivate until tomorrow" which will last 24 hours or "Deactivate" that can be given permanently until we manually activate it again.


 If you want to preserve the life of the battery, it is ideal to leave the function activated, because with this it is necessary to make sure that the device is not charged 100 %, for this it is necessary to see that it does not heat up, because the optimized charge does not It will exceed 80 %, it is also ideal to keep the iPhone in a cool area when charging, where there is no sunlight or rooms that contain little ventilation, as this can bring us inconveniences related to overheating.

On some occasions, small details such as the covers can cause the device to heat up a little more than normal, it is possible to remove it to reduce the heat, in addition to the fact that the battery that is not charged to 100 % can become an excellent idea, as this can extend the life of the device.

Another issue with which the issue of heat may be related is with the number of applications, these in turn make the iPone work more and therefore this increase the heat, another issue that it is possible to be aware of are the accessories, is It is essential to have an Apple adapter, as these are usually designed for this device and therefore prevents the battery from being damaged more regularly.

 In this sense, knowing how to solve the battery that is not charged to 100 % simply leads us to understand that it is only a software that can benefit us and thus give more life to the iPhone.

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