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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-03 14:45:34

More about: Android 11

Failures are a very normal issue in Android 11 and this allows us to tell you how to Fix The Verification Failure Error, let's see.

What is the verification error in Android 11?

This is a drawback that tends to appear regularly on Google Pixel devices, as it is related to exclusive features and applications, since apparently some of these so-called "Exclusive Applications" seem to no longer be available on Pixels and therefore arise. failures. In this sense, trying to install from other sources external to the Play Store may show us these failures, because they are strictly restricted, however, there is a solution for it and that is why we are addressing you today.
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How to Fix The Verification Failure Error in Android 11?

 Some applications are not available now, and since they are not Pixel, they simply have failures to try to install them by an alternative route, which shows that the new package has not been installed or was not successful, for our good fortune this has an easy solution to execute.

 As technology advances, some applications are discontinued or discarded, however, knowing how to Fix The Verification Failure Error makes us follow these steps so that these inconveniences can be a bad time, to achieve it, it is necessary:


  •  We must go to the application list page on our Android device.
  • Choose to search for Google Play services.
  • Touch the overflow icon that is located on the right side at the top of our screen.
  • We proceed to select "Uninstall updates"
  • Then we click "OK" in the confirmation dialog that appears.
  • Then we go to the Play Store in order to download the latest version of Google Play Services.
  • In case of not finding it, we will only use the link to download it and proceed to install it.
  • Then we log in with our account.
  • We proceed to test Pixel's preferred application and that's it.


This is all you need to know how to Fix The Verification Failure Error, this way you get to enjoy Android 11.

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