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The action in Rogue Company does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to get all rewards in the Arms Dealer event.

What to know about the arms dealer event at Rogue Company?

This is the new event that is presented to us for a limited time in the game, starting with its first season lasting until May 11, then a new season will be entered, here you can unlock cosmetics by completing some tasks, then it is appropriate talk about how to get all the rewards in the arms dealer event and that is what will be explained in the content of this guide below.

How to get all rewards in the Arms Dealer event in Rogue Company?


  •  The missions: what we will do initially is go to the event tab in Rogue Company, then to the mission tab, where we will see those that are available, taking into account the objective of each of these against other players, which takes us As for how to obtain all the rewards in the arms dealer event that we complete them at any time, guaranteeing the progress saved if we leave these if completed, specifically we can obtain credits for being successful, which turns out to be the currency dominant, the amount will depend on the difficulty in which we are playing, also affects the tasks that correspond to each of these missions.
  • The basic rewards: we are presented with the division into two groups of these, where there are 4 standard shipments and 4 exclusive ones, the standard ones focus on basic cosmetics, such as banners, titles, avatars, emotes and a weapon wrap, with the credits that we achieve in the missions we will be able to solve how to obtain all the rewards in the arms dealer event, but this unlocking requires 85 credits, considering that the free missions will lead us to get at least 105 credits, as long as let's choose the best ones.
  • The exclusive rewards: this includes specifically the rogue and Wingsuit skins, even weapon wraps, the use of credits does not allow them to be unlocked, we only have to spend Rogue Bucks, something that is related to an exclusive mission of the menu, the Missions that have to do with the exclusive shipment go with many credits, making this number reach 147, the first thing is to unlock the exclusive content of the missions, the standard shipment will do it with ease, highlighting that 8 of the 8 shipments must be unlocked, we can get the legendary skin for Saint and the weapon wrap that focuses on the 80s, without needing to complete the missions in Rogue Company.

In conclusion, knowing how to get all rewards in the Arms Dealer event is excellent, because we can advance more in this interesting and moved Rogue Company.

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