Angel Marquez
2021-04-08 12:51:12

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With our Netflix guide you will learn more about How to fix error NW-3-6.

What to know about error NW-3-6 in Netflix?

It is an error that has to do with the network, which causes our device not to access the server, certainly there is no clarity about what causes this error but the configuration of our local ISP or the device can be considered among these It causes an interruption to the connection to the service, it can also include problems with the internet connection and the local connection, so it is ideal that we know how to fix the NW-3-6 error and that is why we will be guided by the content of this guide from right now, let's see.

How to fix NW-3-6 error in Netflix?

As for How to fix the error NW-3-6 in Netflix we can try some solutions and we will see them below:

Device restart: with this solution there is a high percentage of success, which ends up deleting the Netflix cache of our device, so what we will do in mind to How to fix the NW-3-6 error and this specific solution is to turn off the device and keep it disconnected for at least a minute, then we turn it on and try to access the application to see if the error persists or not, if it is still present what we will do is continue with the possible solutions.
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Checking the internet connection: within this solution we have to highlight some options to do so, one of them leads us to keep the device on until the memory fills up, then we have to turn it off for a while, we turn it on to cool down When erasing its memory, if we use Wi-Fi it is ideal that the signal is strong, we can use the LAN of the device to have it, then it is possible that the error that blocks Netflix may be in the router or in the Wi-Fi of the device With the cable we can test it if it persists we have to test if this is the fault, the next option is in the router restart, which we will do by pressing the small button 4 times in a row, which allows restoring the configuration to the default values , considering to inform our internet provider before doing it, the last option that allows us to solve How to fix error NW-3-6 in this solution is that we connect the device to the modem, and This in case of having them independent, if it is the correct option we avoid using the router.

 The DNS configuration in the game consoles:
when we are in the consoles it is possible that this error is common, which is related to the network configuration, it being possible that the files or information is corrupt and that it will be related to our domain and address, then it is necessary that we make adjustments in the DNS if we are in consoles, thus managing to solve How to repair the error NW-3-6 and for this, consider the following steps:

  •  In the main menu we go to the settings.
  • We enter the network configuration to search for the personalized internet connection
  • We choose between cable or WiFi
  • We give in automatic IP configuration, do not establish for the DHCP host, in automatic for DNS, for automatic MTU as well and then in not using a proxy server.
  • We save the changes and choose to test connection.
  • In our controller we press the guide button to go to system configuration.
  • Here we choose the network configuration and we choose the network to configure.
  • We look for the DNS configuration and choose automatic, we restart the console to test Netflix.


The IP address for Smart TV:
motivated to the fact that there is an unstable connection between our device and the modem or router, we can choose the solution of restoring the static IP address and for this we must follow a series of steps below.

  •  We will go to the network settings and network status, where we must copy or save an image of our IP, the subnet and the gateway.
  • We return to the network option to go to manual configuration.
  • We put what we have copied or the image, where in the public DNS we put Google and then we try to access Netflix either on PlayStation or Xbox.


In this way we finalize our Netflix guide, hoping that it has been very useful to know how to fix the NW-3-6 error and thus be able to access this platform again without problems.