Angel Marquez
2021-03-11 07:35:28

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Find out how to change display name in this excellent and self-explanatory guide to Twitter.

What to know about Twitter?

We have 2 options for our identification, one is with the username and the other the display name, there is the possibility that we do not agree with this, but instead of deleting the account it is possible to change the name of user or the one to show when we want through the configuration of our account, now to have precise details on how to change the name to show we just have to continue reading the following text.

Where to find display name in Twitter?

We have to access our profile we will see that under the photo we find the username started by @, while the one to show is above this username, only that this may be a coincidence with even multiple users, this is unique to display in our account and to figure out how to change the display name there is a lot to explain and for that we move on.

What leads you to change display name in Twitter?

It is something that we can do as many times as we want, this can be done for many reasons, starting with its own convenience, looking for a name with greater relevance or even prior to the elimination of the account, which may be recommended, this can occur if we think In any change of opinion and we have to create a new account, which is appropriate for it to be with the same data, then at the time we delete the account the name of our user will be canceled along with the email as well, but if we make the change of the name we can have the original available for a future return, but in the case of the display name it is not affected, such information when performing the update, so in particular let's see how to change the display name below.
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How to change display name in Twitter?

Regarding how to change display name, we must consider that it is something to do at any time through the configuration of our account, it only depends on whether we do it from the web browser or the application, to do it from the web browser we must follow the following steps:


  •  We open Twitter to enter our account.
  • We enter the profile photo that we have to enter the details.
  • Here we give the blue button to edit profile and we put a new name to display, which should not exceed 50 characters.
  • We save the change when finished.


 We can also solve how to change display name from the mobile application and for this the following steps:


  •  We enter the Twitter application and access our account
  • We open the menu to enter the profile photo
  • We choose on the edit profile page and put the new name to display and after finishing we save the change.


 How to change display name in Twitter?

At this point we are aware of how to change display name, now we can do it with the username, which we can do in the same way from the browser or the application, to do it from the browser we will do the following steps:


  •  We enter Twitter and access our account.
  • There is a menu on the left where we choose more to get to the settings and privacy.
  • Here we continue with the account information and we must confirm our password, then we choose the username to enter the new one.
  • We save once finished.


 Now let's see the steps to follow to change the username in the application:


  •  We enter the application on our device.
  • We enter the menu and choose settings and privacy
  • Then we choose the account and go on to the choice of the username to place the new one, we will give it done once we finish.


 It is certainly a solution in terms of how to change display name is very similar to that of the user name, only that it must be unique, there can be no similarities so it must even be combined with numbers and characters, an important fact to Note that if our account is verified and we change the name this will be lost, having to do this process again.

 We hope this information on how to change display name has been very helpful for your Twitter goals.