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This doesn't happen every day, so pay attention if you want to know how to use disappearing messages in Instagram.

  What are the disappearing messages in Instagram?

This is a new function of the social network, which makes the sent message disappear as soon as the recipient sees it. The function is known as "Vanish" and here we will teach you how to use it.
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    How to use disappearing messages in Instagram?

    Before you can use this function you will have to enable it before sending the message, but remember that you will need the latest update of the application.

    Of course, then log into your profile> select the messaging icon and access any existing chat> scroll down to the point where you left the chat last time> swipe up with your fingers and Vanish mode will be activated.

    This function works for both written messages, images and videos.

      That's all you have to know about how to use disappearing messages in Instagram, we hope our guide has been very useful and use this function whenever you need it in the best way.

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