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We are going to tell you a little about Instagram and we will take the opportunity to tell you how to Upload Easily To From PC

Why upload videos or photos to Instagram easily from PC?

This even though it is a mobile application allows us to work from a PC, however it is not common at all, although we can see the native desktop application to choose to upload photos or videos that perhaps we have previously taken with a digital camera or perhaps because we have Some images are stored on a PC to which we have carried out an editing process, the most common is to do it from a Smartphone, however, the PC is a useful tool with which there is no need to do much, so to know how to Upload Easily To From PC is something that we can do without so many detours, even when it is seen more as a mobile social network and that today has managed to gather some considerable amount of users all over the planet connected by following photos, images and stories to every moment.
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    How to Upload Easily To From PC to Instagram?

    Today, even when technology advances by leaps and bounds there are only two ways to upload from PC, below we will describe each of them, and they are:

    Uploading through the web browser: knowing how to Upload Easily To From PC is not really complex or fancy, just hardly anyone does it, but for those who consider it this is an interesting option, and uploading videos or photos in  Instagram can be done perfectly well by accessing from the Microsoft Edge browser or mostly known as Chomium, it is faster, easier and more comfortable, it does not mean that it cannot be done with another browser, but there is nothing more favorable than the comfort of this mentioned browser.

    Make use of a third-party application: Instagram is a very busy mobile social network and practically everyone talks about it or is immersed in it, in this case knowing how to load easily from a PC allows us to tell you about another option to achieve it and This implies using third parties, because we only have to have a so-called Emulator that allows us to run Android applications on Windows or MacOS, for this it is ideal to follow the steps mentioned below.

    •  Choose to start the browser on the PC.
    • We click on the overflow icon that is located at the top on the right side.
    • Proceed to select "Developer Tools" or, failing that, Ctrl Shift I.
    • Then we click on the icon of the device toolbar that is located on the right side of our screen.
    • We take a look at the option that is presented to us on the left and click on it where we select the device of our choice.
    • We proceed to update the browser.
    • Next we will see the icon of the plus sign in the bar below where we will click to choose to search for the multimedia file that we want to upload and click OK.
    • It is necessary to download and install BlueStacks on our PC.
    • We carry out the initial configuration by selecting the language and clicking continue.
    • We will see on the login screen where we will place the credentials of the Google account and proceed to press Enter.
    • Then we look for Instagram and click the install button.
    • We open the application drawer and when we open Instagram we will see that it adapts to the vertical format of the Smartphone.
    • We proceed to access our account where we will see the Plus icon in the bottom bar.
    • We just have to touch and select "gallery", choose to scroll to the end to select "Others"
    • Then we must "choose from Windows"


    So knowing how to Upload To From PC allows us to choose to search for the photo that we consider necessary or the video that we want to share it with the circle of followers and expect a lot of Like.

     In this sense, knowing Upload To From PC allows us to choose to use another tool to access Instagram that is not necessarily a Smartphone

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