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Knowing how to move games to another drive is an interesting task that we are allowed to perform in Steam and to give you the details we are here.

What is the point of moving games to another drive in Steam?

Fortunately we have Steam as a platform that offers us the possibility of moving games, although before it was moderately complex, today we can affirm that this is becoming increasingly simple and comfortable, so knowing how to move games to another drive is necessary because they usually occupy a considerable place, making our storage unit may not be enough. There is a possibility to delete some games and then download them again, however; This option is not the most convenient, especially considering that there are games that weigh around 200 GB, so moving them to another drive is the alternative and to tell you how to do it today we are here.
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    How to move games to another drive in Steam?

    We are going to leave you the correct steps to follow and for this it is convenient to start in this way:


    •  First we open Steam.
    • We proceed to select "Configuration"
    • Then we select "Downloads"
    • To finish we select "Folders of the Steam library".


     With this process started, all the current folders in the library are shown, as well as their location. Now, it is time to click on the folder created in the bottom corner on the right side where we proceed to select its destination, which makes us have to move to the new window where we will name the folder, it has a default name is SteamLibrary, so knowing how to move games to another drive is quite an easy task.

    As we have already managed to create the necessary folder, it is time to start our work itself, to know how to move games to another drive and for this it is necessary:


    •  Right click on the game.
    • Proceed to select "Properties"
    • Next we choose the tab "Local Files"
    • We click on Move installation folder
    • Then we choose the folder to which we consider moving the game.


    Knowing how to move games to another drive is somewhat of an interesting task, however; It is good to be attentive to which drive we want to move them, because the idea is that they can be incorporated into the main drive, but there is nothing wrong with placing them in an external drive, only that we must consider that when wanting to play this drive it should not be disconnected because simply we will not be able to access the game.

    The possibility of moving games to an external drive is usually favorable in the particular case of wanting to play between several computers, for which we require our own Steam library and for them, it is vital to create it on the drive in this way:


    •  We open Steam.
    • We select "Configuration"
    • Next we go to "Downloads"
    • To finish we look for "Steam library folders"

    We have the possibility of creating a Steam library on the external drive and use it on any PC as long as the games are copied or downloaded, in addition to installing Steam on the PC and establishing the default folder on the external drive, from there it is only necessary to wait for the files to load and proceed to play normally.

    As you will see, this is a fairly comfortable process, however, knowing how to move games to another drive allows us to have the possibility of enjoying them in the best possible way, especially if we consider that today some PCs have two drives, because one It is a solid disk and the other traditional disk drive, this second one offers us more storage capacity for our not very used files, in this way it is important to be clear that the most used games need to be placed on the main drive.

    Whatever drive we used to store, it is important to know how to move games to another drive, because the important thing is to ensure that they can be loaded to be able to play comfortably and dedicate the space to those that we consider most favorable, because at the end of everything the choice is ours.

     In general terms, knowing how to move games to another drive allows us to be able to store a good amount, since varying them is simply necessary and therefore doing it through Steam is our best bet.

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