Angel Marquez
2021-03-17 08:37:56

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Today we bring you a Google Voice guide, where we will explain how to Set Up voicemail.

What is Google Voice?

It is one of the services that Google offers us, which turns out to be very useful and is totally free, with this it is possible to make and receive phone calls without depending on a landline or mobile phone, among the tools that this offers us. Function we must highlight the voice mail, with which we can receive messages from people through contact forms on our website, something that can help us not to give our real phone number, now it is appropriate that we understand how to configure the mail voice and is what will be explained in precise details from now on in this guide, let's see.

How to get Google Voice?

Before being able to enjoy functions such as voicemail, it is appropriate to consider the steps to follow to obtain Google Voice, for this we will do the following:


  •  We enter our Google account and go to the corresponding page.
  • We choose personal use and indicate the type of device to use.
  • We add the address or personal number
  • Check the terms of service and privacy policies and then continue.
  • We enter the name of a nearby city and choose the number to claim that we want.
  • Finally, you have to follow a series of instructions so that it is configured, keeping in mind that it is possible to add a link with the landline or mobile phone for calls, now we can see how to Set Up voicemail, let's see.

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How to set up voicemail in Google Voice?

Once we have our account and our phone number, we can proceed to resolve how to Set Up voicemail, for this we must consider the following steps:


  •  When logging into our Google Voice account we will go to the settings icon that is shaped like a gear.
  • Here we choose the voicemail in the menu that is displayed on the left
  • Then we will have 3 necessary sections to configure so that it fulfills the corresponding function.


 Let's see what the sections on how to Set Up voicemail offer us below:


 In the first:

  •  Record a greeting: with this option you can record a new greeting with the help of our microphone, with a maximum of 3 minutes, once finished we stop it, save it or redo it to do it again, with a name we can choose to save a new one.
  • Manage greetings: any of our recorded messages can be established with our current active message, so we choose through the three points that are to the right of it to establish as active later, our greeting will be visible in our active section in the box corresponding to voicemail.


 In the second: we have the box to obtain voicemail through email, with this option it is possible to receive the messages recorded in our email account, this being the one we have through Gmail for the registration that we made in Google Voice.

 In the third: for the latter, regarding how to Set Up voicemail, the analysis of the transcripts of voice messages is required, something that has to do with privacy, once enabled, Google will be given permission to access our voicemail transcripts in order to make adjustments for such enhancement.

It must be taken into account that in Google Voice we have a box above the mail configuration section that indicates do not disturb through another configuration, with this option it is necessary that the messages to the phone number that we have assigned to our account will not forward the messages messages, instead a direct diversion will be presented to the voice mail of all calls, something useful if we do not want annoyances at a certain time, we even have the possibility of how to configure voice mail, the security section allows filtering spam For functions with functions such as calls, messages and voicemail, we must highlight the benefits of blocking these spam messages with great efficiency, the work that is done by the algorithm. Google is something that can be handled with ease and comfort, for this we will make the choice in the navigation panel on the left and find the list of the most r ecient messages of this type, when we choose it we can see the transcription of it and we can reproduce it, once we have chosen the three points that are located on the right side of the message, we will notice a series of options to work on it, such as the search from the sender of the message, delete or archive the message, mark it as spam, or block the number, and download a copy of the message's sound file.

 Knowing how to Set Up voicemail is interesting, because it allows you to have a better performance when working with Google Voice.