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Failures tend to occur on all platforms and Microsoft Store is no exception, let's see How to fix error code 0x89235172.

What is error 0x89235172 in Microsoft Store?

This is a problem that usually occurs specifically in the application store, movies and more called Microsoft Store, in this case it is necessary to know how to repair the error code 0x89235172 because it is presented when we try to install a game from MS, fortunately we are not the ones The only ones that are presenting this type of problem, there are a number of users who are reporting the problem right now, but this is not only in comments or complaints, it has been precisely Microsoft who has reported the solution and it is precisely about this that we are going to talk.

How to fix error code 0x89235172 in Microsoft Store?

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    Choose to execute the command: this is a shared official solution and for which we must click with the right mouse button on the Windows icon, then we must select the Command Prompt, which opens a pop-up window of Account Control and here we must confirm our selection and when the new window is displayed, proceed to enter the following commands, (it is necessary to press Enter after each one).


    •  ipconfig / flushdns
    • ipconfig / registerdns
    • ipconfig / release
    • ipconfig / renew
    • netsh winsock reset


     Now, when we have entered the commands, it will only be enough to restart the PC, try to install the game and that's it.

    Verify that we have enough hard disk for the game: we continue talking about How to repair error code 0x89235172 and in this case we must:


    •  Press the Win Ket E buttons and start the "File Explorer".
    • Then we must click on "This PC" to check the space that is free on the hard disk, (in case of not having space we can take care of uninstalling programs or applications that may be taking up space and may not be very useful).


     Choosing to configure a new partition on the hard disk: the solutions to know How to fix error code 0x89235172 are varied and work very well in this case, it is favorable to create a partition with a Freeware tool:


    •  Partition management software.
    • AOMEI Partition Assistant.
    • Minitool partition wizard.


     Check if the game has an expansion: sometimes the games that we download through Microsoft Store may or may not have expansions, in this case to know how to fix the error code 0x89235172 it is necessary to verify, this because the error occurs when The game has an expansion pack, this tends to become a little more cumbersome because we should have progress in the complete game which allows access to the respective expansion, which is more complex, but not impossible, in this sense , it is necessary to corroborate whether or not the game has expansion and in this way we will be able to know which is the package that we must install first.

    Choose to install the game from My Library: this is another solution for this problem that usually occurs in Microsoft Store and for this we must:


    •  Press Start in order to open the Microsoft Store application.
    • Then at the top of the window we must press the "See More" button and proceed to select "Downloads and Updates" from the menu.
    • Next we must click to the left on "Downloads" and proceed to open "My Library".
    • Then we must press "Ready to install" so that a list of apps can be opened, just click on the one we want to install and that's it.


     Reinstall game services: this is another solution about How to fix error code 0x89235172 and in this case it appears necessary:

    • Click the "Type here to search" on our Windows 10 desktop and enter PowerShell in the search utility.
    • Next, it is necessary to click the right button on Windows PowerShell and proceed to select the option "Run as administrator".
    • Then we must enter the command get-appxpackage Microsoft.GamingServices remove-AppxPackage –allusers in PowerShell.
    • When entering the command we must press the Retunr button and enter the command start ms-windows-store: // pdp /? Productid = 9MWPM2CQNLHN.
    • Then we must press Enter to open a page of "Game services" in Microsoft Store and just click on "Get" to proceed to reinstall the services.


    Now that you know how to fix error code 0x89235172, you can apply any of these solutions and thus continue to enjoy everything that Microsoft Store has.

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