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The bugs are present in Android and for that reason we are going to explain how to Fix Chat Bubbles Not Working Issue

What is the Chat Bubbles Not Working Issue in Android?

 As updates appear in the Android system, changes that can generate inconveniences usually arise, in this sense it is necessary to know how to Fix Chat Bubbles Not Working Issue, as this has taken a considerable number of users by surprise, making that it could become a real problem and with it many complaints have arisen, to the point of almost 2,000 thousand users who have voted in order to place it in a “trending issue”.

While it is true the topic of chat bubbles is not a new issue because it was visible on Facebook Messenger some time ago where it was only necessary to position yourself on said bubble in order to expand the configuration, today it is causing some inconvenience, and therefore It is important to know how to Fix Chat Bubbles Not Working Issue, which makes this feature not visible and thus some users have reacted with annoyance.

Among the updates of Android 11 it is possible to observe:


  •  A one-time permission set.
  • The native screen recorder.
  • Programming in dark mode.
  • The renewed energy menu.

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    How to Fix Chat Bubbles Not Working Issue in Android?

    For our good fortune there are several alternatives that we can perfectly well use and apply to solve the failure, then we leave each of them in detail.

    Check the compatibility of the application: we continue with the answers about How to Fix Chat Bubbles Issue, and it is possible that this is related to certain applications and can be seen when entering the API, in this sense it is possible to download The beta version of the application could work, it should be noted this problem usually occurs more regularly with very common applications such as WhatsApp.

    Adapt the chat bubbles for each conversation: Knowing how to solve the problem that chat bubbles do not work is a necessary task, and it is ideal to try different solutions in order to achieve that this can return to its nature, since Chat Bubbles has some considerable amount of customization options that we can perfectly well apply in Android and for this it will only suffice with:


    •  It is necessary to go to the "Settings" page on our device.
    • Then we go to "Applications and Notifications"
    • We proceed to press "See all applications"
    • We choose to select the application that has the drawback.
    • Then it is necessary to go to the "Notifications" section and from there to "Bubbles"
    • Next we select the option “All conversations can bubble”.
    • Finally, we enter the chat and check that this problem is solved.


     Activate the bubble notifications function: we continue with our work to leave you as many solutions as possible and with it know how to solve the problem that the chat bubbles do not work for which there is the option to enable the notifications function and this is does like this:


    •  We must go to the "Settings" on our Android device.
    • Next we look for "Applications and Notifications"
    • Then we move to "Notifications"
    • Then we go to "Bubbles" in order to activate "Allow applications to show bubbles"
    • To finish it is only necessary to check that the bubbles appear on our device and that's it.


     Clear cache and application data: Temporary data in some cases can cause us some inconveniences, and therefore it is necessary to delete them, in this sense, knowing how to Fix Chat Bubbles Not Working Issue do not work leads us to consider:


    •  Go to "Settings" on our Android device.
    • Go to "Applications and notifications"
    • Choose to click on the application information.
    • Proceed to select the application with this bubble glitch.
    • Then we must click on "Storage and cache"
    • To finish, click on "Delete storage" and that's it.

    Choose to restart the Android device: This is our last option to execute to know how to solve the problem, this method makes our device be configured from scratch and for this it is recommended:


    •   Make a backup of the device.
    • Next it is necessary to go to the "Configuration" and from there to the "System".
    • Then in the reset options we must click on "Delete all data"
    • Then click on "Confirm".
    • Once this work has been executed, we proceed to configure the Android device and that's it.


    In this sense, knowing how to Fix Chat Bubbles Not Working Issue leads us to execute some of these solutions mentioned here, because in this way we get to enjoy everything that Android has for us in terms of conversations.

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