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2020-10-14 09:10:41

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Certainly loopholes failures are a real headache in Genshin Impact and which leads us to tell you how to fix error code 4201

Why do I get error code 4201 in Genshin Impact?

  It is necessary to understand in the first place that there is no perfect game, because errors tend to appear some perhaps slower than others, but in the same way they are still tedious and make us angry on some occasions since our objective is to get a place they are failures, however Knowing how to fix the error code 4201 leads us to take a look at our connection, since this failure occurs due to inconveniences with the internet and it is our task to solve them as soon as possible so that the fun is not cut off.

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How to fix error code 4201 in Genshin Impact?

 One of the things that we must be clear about is that this problem affects all platforms, which places all users in equal conditions, but this does not mean that it can be a failure that affects massively damagingly, in addition, For our good fortune it is easy to solve this phallus and for this it is necessary:

Check our WiFi connection.

 Sometimes the failures are usually related to the internet connection, and knowing how to fix the 4201 error code makes us take a look at the WiFi connection, choose to restart the router since sometimes this connection may not be as fixed as the one we need to be able to play Genshin Impact.

 Check our mobile data connection.

 One of the most relevant drawbacks in games is data, since this type of connection is not very stable, especially for games, so it is necessary to check it and in case they may be intermittent, choose another type of connection that is not It gives us headaches, because knowing how to fix the error code 4201 is simply a necessary task to be able to enjoy this interesting adventure.

 In the case of not having anything related to data or WiFi, it is necessary to choose to launch the game from the file on the desktop and proceed to look for the suffix .exe to start the game from here, in case this does not solve us either The inconvenience is that it is necessary to locate an update, as there are games that require having the updated versions installed in order to continue and Genshin Impact is one of them, which makes us look for and install them, even though most of them can be given automatically.

 Uninstall and reinstall Genshin Impact.

 We usually do this when the previous solutions have not helped us, because it is truly tedious since reinstalling can take a bit, this because the data is usually saved on the game server, which in a certain way can become favorable, since our Progress will not be affected, as this means that this process allows us to know how to repair the error code 4201 and in the same way not lose all the work achieved.

 Definitely, knowing How to fix error code 4201 allows us to have a lot of fun with this interesting and fun game that the creators have called Genshin Impact.

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