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2020-10-14 09:24:47

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Our tour of Genshin Impact allows us to show you where to find the Filanemo mushroom

What is the Filanemo fungus in Genshin Impact?

  This is simply a particular element that is very necessary to carry out Barbara's ascension, because to achieve it it is necessary to achieve it as a type of reward through a microtransaction process, however it is necessary to consider that this particularly requires reaching the adventure rank 20 as long as this can happen before patch 1.1
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Where to find the Filanemo mushroom in Genshin Impact?

 This is a material exclusively for Barbara, as it allows her to ascend and is highly necessary since this is a healing character, in such a way that it will be necessary in the first instance to reach a certain level in the adventure range, since the mushroom is a vital material To ascend and next to it it is necessary to have the Lazurita Varunda Silver, only that the first one can be achieved with a little more comfort, since it is done at lower adventure levels or simply through the souvenir shop.

 Cultivating the Filameno mushroom is a necessary task and this makes us have to move to some areas on the map, in such a way that a necessary stop is Sprinvale, because next to the barn we can get this material, these are usually abundant which is quite a lot. Well, since here having some extras is not bad, it allows us to achieve the objectives of promoting Barbara and that she in turn can repower the facts and healing effects, since she plays a crucial role in some specific activities throughout this game.

 This is all you need to know about where to find the Filanemo mushroom, as it is just a matter of locating ourselves in a considerable adventure range and traveling a bit in Genshin Impact.

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