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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-14 16:00:28

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We continue our tour of Genshin Impact and this time with the purpose of telling you how to get Hoarfrost cores

What are Hoarfrost cores in Genshin Impact?

  These are one of the necessary and highly valuable resources that we can get in this game, as they are usually used in a very particular way in practically all games, since we are facing a game where completing missions to get EXP is vital, where eliminating monsters is a Necessary task to progress, in such a way that knowing how to obtain Hoarfrost cores becomes a vital quest to promote our characters since this action simply does not come for free.
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How to get Hoarfrost cores in Genshin Impact?

 Before going through these nuclei it is necessary to choose to get a Cryo Regisvine which simply leads us to mobilize to the Temple of the Thousand Winds in Mondstadt and heading south of said place, because these Cryo Regisvine are usually a type of creatures present in Genshin Impact that have level 37 with them, which is very high, in such a way that knocking it down is not an easy task, because this puts us to have to equip ourselves to be as resistant as possible to cryogenics, in addition to choosing to execute some attacks of Pyro, Hydro or Electro, even though this monster may want to attack to make us deviate from the objective, our goal remembers that they are the nuclei and it is not in dispute to get out of it, so hammering the nucleus at its base will be our greatest task.

 When we manage to break the base of the nucleus we can understand that it has a single weak point and it is the head, or at least this will last for some time, which can be favorable for us since we can choose to give an excellent use to the bow to execute some blows from a distance, especially when it usually has its head lowered, it is also necessary to understand that this monster has to its credit some attacks that can harm us if we are careless.

 In this sense, neglecting ourselves could be expensive since the creature can choose to crush us, in such a way that this could represent a type of delay and what would leave us something far from reaching our goal about how to obtain Hoarfrost cores, in such a way our biggest job is to get this monster to die and with this goal accomplished make use of Original Resin to proceed to spend it with the mere purpose of being able to claim rewards.

 Once we have the cores in our hands we can use them to promote our characters in Genshin Impact, as it is possible to use them for those based on Cryogenics.

 This is all you need to know about how to get Hoarfrost cores, as it is an interesting and necessary task that we can do in Genshin Impact.

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