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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-14 16:05:47

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Our Genshin Impact guide today lets us tell you how to beat the elemental crucible in 3 minutes, let's see.

What is the elemental crucible in Genshin Impact?

  Progress in this game allows us to have the possibility of carrying out endless activities, since all of them have necessary elements that can be extremely useful to achieve the promotion of characters and weapons.However, knowing how to defeat the elemental crucible in 3 minutes makes us understand that it is a very complex challenge, which makes us have to be sufficiently prepared to overcome it.

How to beat elemental crucible in 3 minutes in Genshin Impact?

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In global terms, beating the crucible as such may not be so difficult since this can occur cooperatively, however knowing how to beat the elemental crucible in 3 minutes if it becomes a complicated challenge, since it is an extremely short period of time to in such a way that even accompanied it can cost us a bit of effort.

 This elemental crucible event has just been launched on October 12 and has managed to occupy us a lot because perhaps we are not sufficiently prepared in Genshin Impact, as this is a somewhat delicate matter that leads us to have a couple of necessary requirements as they are:


 Reach Adventure Rank level 20.

Have completed the second act of the main story.

We have until October 19 to overcome this challenge.

Go to Monsdtadt to converse with Timaeus.

It is possible to access the elemental crucible from the menu with Venti and Xianglin events when we have started the One Small Step For Alchemy quest


 One of the most suitable options to know how to defeat the elemental crucible in 3 minutes is to choose to play with friends, since with them there is the possibility of coordinating and synchronizing all the elemental skills, choosing to defeat the enemies in order to return the Elemental Clots in Genshin Impact and thus start off with the right foot this challenging task.

 It is necessary to consider that to know how to beat the elemental crucible in 3 minutes it is necessary to have the possibility of being able to unlock it only when all the members of the group have the same world level, because being below or above is simply not viable, another The option that allows us to use is micromanagement, which allows us to distribute the search by choosing each one to complete a specific requirement.

 One of the necessary tasks that we must consider when playing with friends is to keep ourselves as communicated as possible, this especially in case we might get stuck, on the other hand it is necessary to be as careful as possible, because we get stuck in This Genshin Impact challenge can be costly for our lives, it is necessary to choose to be a little independent and make use of our skills to get a strategically powerful team, in addition to getting some players to become collectors, in such a way that this can be carried out in the second phase, only opting for two runners nothing more, and the others opting to focus on the DPS so that the job can be completed and in the best condition as possible.

 This is all you need to know about how to beat the elemental crucible in 3 minutes, because even though it can get complex, if you use the help friends it can be a simple challenge in Genshin Impact.

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