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2020-10-14 09:20:08

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The adventure called Genshin Impact has managed to hook us enough and that is why today we tell you where to find Electro Cicin Mage

Who is the Electro Cicin Mage in Genshin Impact?

  This is nothing more than a level 10 boss that we get in this game, with which we must deal even when it may be located in a strange enough place, since we are faced with the possibility of performing some number of tasks and enemies that can be a headache at some point, especially since our job in achieving it is to choose to defeat it.

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Where to find Electro Cicin Mage in Genshin Impact?

 One of the elements that we can get by defeating this boss is simply the foggy grass, which at first is only shown as a low-level material, however, as the game progresses it can become a highly sought after element, as it is ideal for performing enchantments and raising weapons, but this material can only be found when you shoot down Cicin who is located in southern Monsdtadt, specifically in a small town called Sprinvale.

 Fog grass allows us to:

  •  Dragon Bane.
  • Debate club.
  • Iron sting.
  • Ascend Sword Fillet
  • Halberd.
  • Messenger.
  • Twin Befrita.
  • Rain cutter.
  • Malice prototype.
  • Rancor prototype.
  • Iron sting.


In general terms, knowing where to find Electro Cicin Mage is a vital task since it allows us to promote characters, among other necessary activities thanks to a plant that it drops in Genshin Impact.

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