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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-14 15:55:06

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Our work in Genshin impact allows us to do many things and one of them is to know how to abandon the Co-op mode

Is it really feasible to abandon the Co-op mode in Genshin impact?

  The answer would be no, but who are we to comment on an issue that only each player can decide, however, it should not necessarily be done, as this game has achieved a considerable number of users in such a short time, that playing with friends can be a fantastic idea, however getting out of cooperative mode is a simple task since we are not necessarily obliged to stay in this mode.
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How to abandon the Co-op mode in Genshin Impact?

  Before choosing to exit this mode, it is necessary to make it clear that it is a cross-game, which simply means that we can play with users of other platforms, only that to unlock multiplayer it is vital to reach the adventure rank at level 16, and work cooperatively with players playing on mobile, PC or PS4.

 Exiting cooperative mode is a free task for each user to do, since deciding to complete or not do it in relation to tasks with friends is our decision, however there are some events for which if it is necessary to be in this mode, such is the particular case of the elemental crucible event, however, we can exit at any other point, for which it is only necessary:

  •  Go to the menu of the cooperative that is located in the upper right side of our screen.
  • Then choose to press the button indicated on the screen showing us leaving the equipment.
  • After keeping the button pressed we will see on our black screen for a period of time and this means that it was carried out successfully.


 Definitely, knowing how to abandon the Co-op mode is an easy but important task for some Genshin Impact players, just remember that there are specific events in which it is not recommended to do so.

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