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2020-12-27 20:38:01

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The work on Genshin Impact remains dormant and this allows us to tell you how to solve Dragonspine Pressure Plate Puzzle

What is Dragonspine in Genshin Impact?

This is simply one of the regions that we have in this game, and it is part of the novelties, so knowing how to solve Dragonspine Pressure Plate Puzzle simply makes us get involved with some number of characters, monsters, weapons, among others, this region has a hybrid reputation system and some interesting as well as necessary resources, so that the celebration for the reasons of the end of the year parties have allowed us to enjoy version 1.2 which is nothing more than the Latest update of Genshin Impact.
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How to solve Dragonspine Pressure Plate Puzzle in Genshin Impact?

There are some caverns to explore, in the same way some valleys, which opens the way for us to have the opportunity to get the "Crimson Agate" that could perfectly well be offered to the "Ice Tree", this allows us to choose a reward and with some good amount of agate to get level up, only that finding this crimson agate makes us have to take a look at some hidden places where it can be seen floating, so that it is possible to get it:

  •  Looking up and around while we find ourselves traveling.
  • Completing challenges and puzzles.


 Now, to get into the subject, knowing how to solve Dragonspine Pressure Plate Puzzle is a task that makes us have to move to the western end of the region where we are offered the opportunity to discover some number of plates on the ground, this leads us to take a look a little more exhaustively, which allows us to reach some symbols, these are usually represented 4 different times on the wall, but this does not end there because what they actually usually have is simply a key of the pressure plate, so that it is only necessary to take care of activating a total of 4 consecutive plates of the same symbol and then step on the four that remain.

It is worth making clear that just by stepping on a pressure plate we can see how it illuminates the mark on the wall, this opens up the possibilities to use it as a type of guide, which makes our work a little easier, this does not It means that it is an easy task, but what challenge is simple? Obviously none, however, it is worth the effort because it allows us to have some interesting rewards such as:


  •  A Crimson Agate.
  • A luxurious chest that contains valuable materials.


Now that you know how to solve Dragonspine Pressure Plate Puzzle, it's time to do this interesting task that you can only accomplish in Genshin Impact.

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