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The most recent update of Stardew Valley brings us interesting tasks which leads us to tell you Where to find Professor Snail

Who is Professor Snail in Genshin Impact?

There is the possibility of meeting a number of new characters, and this Professor Snail is one of them, who will need to be rescued, the game does not necessarily tell us where he is and much less what to do, but here we have dedicated a little time so that When you get to this point, don't feel locked in, and you can do it quickly.

Where to find Professor Snail in Stardew Valley?

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    This is our first search task to carry out when we arrive at Ginger Island, in such a way that it is necessary to embark west to the point of reaching a bridge that is broken, obviously it is necessary to repair it, but we will not do it, for that there is the parrot, only it will not do this task for free, this leads us to have to give it 10 golden nuts, once it is ready we continue our journey and get face to face with a rock, here there is the possibility of hearing some voices from behind, So this deals with destroying it using a mega bomb.

    When we destroyed this rock we discovered that the professor was trapped here, it is necessary to go back to the store and ask him about the adventures, because we have already completed the search, however, it is worth remembering that for each task to be carried out it is vital to have walnuts

    We can conclude our guide on Where to find Professor Snail, as it is an interesting search task that can only be carried out in Stardew Valley.

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