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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-28 03:46:11

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Our Genshin Impact guide lets us show you where to find all the dragon thorn stone tablets, let's see.

What are the dragon thorn stone tablets we can get in Genshin Impact?

This is just one of the puzzles that are available in this game, it is immersed in the news that it brings to us, in such a way that knowing where to find all the dragon thorn stone tablets leads us to carry out a search where it is necessary to get a total of 8 tablets.

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Where to find all the dragon thorn stone tablets in Genshin Impact?

Tablet 1: It should be noted that this is an interesting task, and it is necessary to go to the beacon to execute a quick trip towards the outer edges, starting from the "ice tree", this usually stands out in all structures and this is because it has bright yellow text, so it is only necessary to take a look at the water along with the torch where the ruins are located.

Tablet 2: we continue the search to find out where to find all the dragon thorn stone tablets and this leads us to have the "Scarlet Quartz", then go to the Statue of the Seven of the Dragon Thorn, move south to jump to the ruins where we are presented with the opportunity to fly to the stone arch and thus visualize the tablet behind it, as it usually has a sealed door, it is necessary to mark it on the Genshin Impact map and thus access the objective.

Tablet 3: It is usually necessary to return once more to the statue of the seven, only this time it is necessary to move south in order to climb the mountain, because the search to know where to find all the dragon thorn stone tablets makes us mobilize a bit, the idea is to climb the ruins to embrace the edges of the mountain where we see a cube-shaped button that is in a circular door, it is necessary to open it because precisely inside it is usually the tablet that we are looking for in Genshin Impact and for which it is necessary to have:

  •  The princess box.
  • The priest's box.
  • The scribe's box.


 Tablet 4: this is usually achieved located on top of a rock sitting in the "o" of the "starglow cavern", for this it is necessary to hug the side of the mountain while we are traveling, and we are presented with a number of pieces of glass of great size, this occurs when we locate as a waypoint to the northwest of the cavern in Genshin Impact.

Tablet five: to get this tablet it is necessary to have the scarlet quartz that is usually located next to the ruins, only that to get it, it is important to destroy the magical ice that is at the bottom, so then, it is important to take care of traveling to the Northwest of Mingyun and south of the entombed city-Outskirts, from this location it is vital to head east between the mountains and from there go to the dirt road to mobilize to the ruins.

Tablet 6: we continue the journey to know where to find all the dragonthorn stone tablets and this is usually obtained after having fought, so this makes us make a quick trip that will take us to a waypoint in the Wyrmest valley, which makes us navigate and locate a structure in the shape of a circle that is usually visualized on the map and complete the Cryo puzzle, in this way we are allowed to visualize the cryogenic torches, and it is precisely the Seelie of fire who shows them to us, with this In mind it is necessary to defeat the guards of the ruin, and we made our way to make the circular ice that is between the cryogenic torches fall, to finish traveling and fly to the lower level to reach the objective that is the tablet.

Tablet 7: this is a tablet that is located on the right side of the torch, so getting it leads us to go west of the waypoint in the Wyrmrest Valley and from there move west and proceed to follow the curve until get a ledge to the right.

Tablet 8: this is the last one we must get, it is barely about three meters on the west side of the new Domain in Genshin Impact, this is located in Skyfrost Nail.

 This is all you need to know about where to find all the dragon thorn stone tablets, it is only necessary to make an interesting trip in Genshin Impact and thus continue our adventure.

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