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The activities in Cyberpunk 2077 do not stop and this allows us to talk to you about How to romance Kerry Eurodyne

What does it mean to romance Kerry Eurodyne with Cyberpunk 2077?

This is a game that comes loaded with a lot of interesting content and therefore knowing How to romance Kerry Eurodyne allows us to understand on the one hand that it only usually appears until the third act, which implies progressing a bit, also this action is one of the activities secondary schools with which we get, on the other hand it is important to consider that these love interests have two particular characteristics:

  • You can only play with V.
  • It is a gay male romance option.

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How to romance Kerry Eurodyne in Cyberpunk 2077?

 There are a number of activities to be carried out in this plane of romance and these are:

Having a meeting with Kerry Eurodine: It is important to consider that knowing How to romance Kerry Eurodyne leads us to reach the third act, only that before that it is necessary to have helped Rogue and Johnny, because this opens the way to a mission that leads to the name "Chiplin In".

Now, with this assigned mission, the door opens to get us with Kerry, in turn, we find another mission that joins the already long list of missions that we have in Cyberpunk 2077 and that is called "Blistering Love", or "Holdin On".

Blistering Love: This mission simply requires completion to pass resistance.

 Holdin On: This is one where we get a chance to get involved with Kerry and this only happens because Johnny took us to Kerry's house.

Carry out the band's missions: this is the second task we carry out in this quest to know how to make Kerry Eurodyne fall in love, this occurs after having gone with Johnny to Kerry's house and having contacted the band, only that we must have Some patience and wait for the next day because Nancy will make us a call, which involves us in a next mission called "A Like Supreme", here it is important to consider that there are some dialogues, but none of these have any importance in terms of romance with Kerry, but they are tasks that must be completed successfully because this is opening the way to our main objective.


 Participate in Kerry's personal adventures: this is another vital task in which it is important to participate in Cyberpunk 2077 and that it is only possible to carry it out after having completed the mission “A Like Supreme”, and passing a minimum of 12 hours, which allows us to start a search where Kerry is clearly involved, in addition this is called "Rebel", here we are presented with some dialogue options, for our good fortune these do not tend to affect the romance process, so Knowing How to make Kerry Eurodyne fall in love leads us to carry out yet another search.


 Carry out the romantic searches with Kerry Eurodine in Cyberpunk 2077: this task usually occurs when Kerry called us to start a new search called “Off the Leash”, 12 hours have passed since our last search, and we only have to let Kerry took us to a balcony to talk, here there are flirting options, but perhaps the most relevant is kissing, only that to achieve it, it is necessary to wait that this option can be presented.

After about 24 hours and with a free search in our task list it is possible to make use of the following dialogue options because our romance depends on them, these options can make the romance last for a long time and are:

  •  What is this all about?
  • "I will bite." Tell me about the loops.
  • And do you need company for that?
  • Epiphany? It sounds more like maturity.
  • Let's play.
  • Let's destroy the whole ship.
  • Kiss.
  • Give a hug.

 This is everything you need to know about How to romance Kerry Eurodyne, it is only important to focus on the missions, besides playing as V in Cyberpunk 2077, give it a try.

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