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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-28 03:59:56

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The tasks in Genshin Impact are usually more active than ever, let's see how to solve the nearby mechanism

What is the Nearby Mechanism in Genshin Impact?

This is simply a job for which not much explanation is given, since it is usually given as a type of puzzle, however, it will take us some time for a fairly simple solution, so knowing how to solve the nearby mechanism simply makes us get involved in a kind of task while we are exploring the "Dragon's Thorn", well worth doing because it contains some favorable rewards.
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How to solve the Nearby Mechanism in Genshin Impact?

The first thing we must make clear is that this is a task that the alchemist Albedo usually entrusts to us, so that this makes us work closely enough with the Seelies, they are not something strange, because by now we must be familiar with them, and long ago we came across the Anemo Seelies in Mondstadt and Liyue, in such a way that this makes us solve this puzzle in two parts.

We start this task by locating 2 Pyro Seelies floating, which makes us have to run to where they usually float and fly in such a way that we can unlock them, but although it is an easy task it can become somewhat confusing, this is because the Seelies can activating the mechanisms without our being aware of it, which allows us to go somewhat far enough in the expansion mission.

Now we enter into a somewhat more complex task, so that this leads us to climb the stone arch that is located in front of the mechanism in order to take care of collecting the Crimson Agate because this is precisely what allows us to have the opportunity to raise the level of the Ice Tree, once this is achieved, it will only be necessary to turn around and take a look at the Pyro Seelie, so that it will only be enough to slide towards it to choose to take the mechanism, of course this task It is somewhat complex and this is because we need to be careful with the Magician of the Abyss, who is interested in causing us inconveniences, only that he will not be the only one, because there are also some enemies who will do everything possible to ruin our task.

So it is only necessary to choose to tilt the camera a little up to take a look at the large rock that we can see as it protrudes in the sky, and where obviously there is the possibility of finding another Pyro Seelie, only that this task It is not so simple because this route has some enemies that usually annoy us when we are back with the Seelie, so that it is possible to ignore them or simply eliminate them, with this we can complete this task, which makes us have to go down where the water was and talk with Albedo looking in this way to solve this puzzle.

 Generally speaking, knowing how to solve the nearby mechanism makes us busy with doing a search and facing some problems in Genshin Impact, it is well worth doing this task.

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