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Genshin Impact: Diona Skills Guide

2020-11-10 09:32:24

The adventure in Genshin Impact does not stop allowing us to talk about Diona's Skills Guide

Who is Diona in Genshin Impact?

This is one of the new characters that update 1.1 of this game has, since a few days ago you have been talking about some news and that is why today it is convenient to meet Diona's Skills Guide based on the possibility of finding some characters of 5 stars, of course this does not mean that there are some characters below, but somehow Diona becomes favorable.

What is Diona's Skills Guide in Genshin Impact?

It is convenient to state that even though Diona is available in update 1.1 of the game, there is no more information about her abilities from the developers, however, the comments on social networks are not long in coming since from the 11th November is expected to arrive and be a participant in this interesting adventure, where everything seems to indicate that Diona has some characteristics such as:

  • He has the ability to use the Cryo element through a bow that he usually uses.
  • It has skills based on Cats and Mixology.
  • It features a 5-stroke string attack and charge attacks with its bow at Genshin Impact.
  • It has the elemental ability Cryo Kitty Claws and usually has two particular effects, because pressing the button allows us to shoot two cat claws causing considerable damage, on the other hand, holding the button launches us back in addition to throwing five cat claws.
  • They have the ability to face enemies with Cryogol.
  • Using cryo damage with Diona allows us to get a DMG absorption to get a considerable salute for Diona.

In this Guide to Diona's skills it is necessary to make it clear that this is usually part of her feline heritage, since she worked as a waitress, which makes us understand that she is properly prepared for the preparation of cocktails, leaving the enemies trapped in the fog drunk, in such a way that God has the possibility of recovering her health, in the same way the allies that she has in Genshin Impact, which allows us to have the possibility of having her in our team since she perfectly works as an excellent shield of an effect healing.

In general terms, knowing Diona's Skills Guide allows us to have some interesting advantages but we will only have to wait for her to show us and get our hands on her to choose to play with her at Genshin Impact.

PlayStation4 PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC, Android
Action role-playing
Release date:
September 28, 2020
Single-player, Multiplayer
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