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The action does not stop at Fortnite, so today we are going to explain how to use superpowers.

What to know about Fortnite?

We are currently live with the challenges of week 1 of Xtravaganza XP, thus having the opportunity to get a lot of XP for our battle pass of season 4, among which is a specific challenge in which with superpowers we must eliminate our enemies, taking into account that it is something easy to do if we have the details of this guide, we will have the explanation itself of how to use superpowers, let's look carefully at the following.
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    How to use superpowers in Fortnite?

    There are 2 options to do it, one is within the battle royale, we have to defeat one of the bosses that are presented in this 4th season of the game and take his superpower, having Doctoc Doom capable of launching arcane gauntlets and mystical bombs and Iron Man capable of launching repulsor gauntlets and Unibemas, taking into account the locations of these it is possible to complete the challenge, what we will do next is to use the powers obtained from these to kill the enemies, the Doom Henchemen and the Stark Robots being ideal, These are found in the same area where we defeated Doctor Doom and Iron Man respectively, it will only be enough to locate him that we defeat them with the powers obtained to complete this challenge.

     The competition can be tough due to the deaths of the bosses, so one option to consider is the jump to the Knockout LTM, thus gaining access to the superpowers, then using it against each other, then having to carry out the eliminations between real players In the Knockout, apart from this we must consider that this challenge is developed through 3 stages, per party here it is only possible to complete 1, which will lead us to have to get the superpowers on several occasions if we want the maximum of the rewards, being even more interesting this approach of the LTM, due to the high competition with the purpose of eliminating the bosses of this challenge.

     In conclusion, knowing how to use superpowers is excellent because we can continue to advance in the challenges that Fortnite offers us.

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