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Fortnite: How to Get Free Octo Wrap and Don’t Blink Spray

2020-04-23 10:53:02

Once again we are with Fortnite, this in order to help you know how to get Octo Wrap free and not blink spray.

 In Fortnite the recent articles will be awarded exclusively to Twitch players, which puts us in the position of wanting to know How to get Octo Wrap free and not blink spray and for this we must focus on what will be said in the content from the guide that comes right now.

What do we have to know about exclusive cosmetics at Fortnite?

 The association between many organizations has allowed access to content exclusively for those of us who play this incredible game, one of those companies here is Twitch, they have placed exclusive cosmetics that we connect to on the Twitch account with the of the epic games, everything indicates that many more cosmetics open in the same way, the last installment was in December 2019, in which 2 free cosmetics were obtained for watching the FNCS finals on Twitch and the awards in that occasion were a Spray and a Banner, to know more about it there is still content to look at, let's go ahead and see what we find.

How to get Octo Wrap free and no blink spray in Fortnite?

 Through Twiter it was announced by Twitch that another Drop is presented in the game, where it will be necessary for players to watch the Twitch Rivals Supergames finals for 30 minutes on April 22, from 5pm PT, with which the prizes will be obtained, what we must do initially is make a link of our Twitch account and of the epic games, by clicking on this it is possible, before we get to see the finals it is necessary to be sure that the link is You have successfully done this, because after the finals the prize will not be possible to get, we will realize that we are watching a channel enabled for doping, when seeing Drop enabled, look for the opportunity to earn loot, in the In case we have not linked our Twitch and Epic accounts we have to ask ourselves if we will enable the falls in the game at the time of linking the accounts.

  •  Octo Wrap: It is one of the prizes that we are going to receive, it is a very strange envelope and it was added for the first time in the v11.10 update.
  • Spray not blink: Our other award that we are going to get is this, which is not common, we found it added in update v12.41, which was presented earlier today.

 It is evident that knowing how to get Octo Wrap free and not blink spray, allows us to have more fun in Fortnite.

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Survival, battle royale, sandbox
Epic Games
Epic Games
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July 25, 2017
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