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Deadside: How to get more Friends - Tips and tricks

2020-04-23 10:38:05

Quickly we are going to tell you how to make friends in Deadside with this article.

  What is Deadside about.

The title belongs to the hardcore multiplayer shooting game with elements of post-apocalyptic survival that has been developed by Bad Pixel and that premiered on April 14, 2020.

What we love most about multiplayer is precisely that, being able to interact with other players from anywhere in the world and make friends, and this is precisely what we will talk about, friends in this game.

How to make friends in Deadside.

Considering that not everyone is your enemy, to make friends in the game you will have to press the F key first, this will add it to your team as long as the other person accepts it, to accept it you will have to press the F5 key. This will allow you to see his Gamertag on the character model, however you can still kill him and he you.

In case you leave the server you will have to rejoin your team again when you return, your team can activate the doors of your base when in a team when they are eliminated they lose the ability to activate the doors.

To leave a team you will have to open the map and look for the tab of the squad that says exit.

We recommend not adding any player to your group, keep in mind that they will also be able to open doors and may even kill you.

  This is all you need to know about making friends in Deadside, so now that you know how to do it we hope that you take into account the aforementioned before adding anyone to your team and that you can meet new friends.

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