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Deadside: How to Find Best Loot

2020-04-23 10:56:26

So that you can go far in Deadside, we have prepared this complete guide in which we will tell you how to find the best loot.

What is Deadside about.

The title belongs to the hardcore multiplayer shooting game with elements of post-apocalyptic survival that has been developed by Bad Pixel and that premiered on April 14, 2020.

How to find the best Deadside loot.

By reviewing the map, you can find white and green loot locations.

The white colored locations marked on the Side of Death map are quite large areas where we can activate new missions and get some of the best loot from the Side of Death.
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Green locations indicate enemy gas, but these can also get loot from the Side of Death, but they are rarely large loot.

Here things have to be done quickly, grab everything you can making sure to find a weapon as soon as possible, food clothes, a hunting rifle, a scorpion, a Makarov, shotguns and everything you can. Check white marks 3 and 4 to find several of these things.

  This is our guide on how to find the best Deadside loot with which you can get the best items in the game to become one of the best by having high-caliber items like AKS-74U and camouflage clothing that you can also find.

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