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The online casino world in New Zealand has seen several amazing changes recently. One of these developments is the introduction of Apple Pay as an acceptable payment method. This trend is particularly vital as more people embrace online casinos and the need for a fast and reliable payment route is becoming imperative.

We would like to thank the team, who guide us through Apple Pay pokies essentials and answered all our questions. Keep reading to learn more about these mobile casino sites.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has introduced about nine years ago as a fast and reliable payment solution for iPhone users. However, with the increase in the number of mobile casinos, several sites are now expanding and adopting it as an acceptable payment method. To make a deposit, find an Apple Pay casino, sign up, and choose Apple Pay as your deposit method. Ensure you read and digest the casino's terms and conditions before you proceed with payment.

After reading the instructions, proceed to approve the transaction and start playing. Usually, there's always a bonus to claim, especially for new and consistent users. In no particular order, these are some NZ casinos that offer Apple Pay as one of their payment providers.


This casino site has one of the most mobile and user-friendly interfaces with round-the-clock live chat support. The site lists Apple Pay as one of its numerous payment providers, and this enables its clients to choose any convenient option. Besides, they have a diverse, budget-friendly game library that includes:

  • live casino,
  • bingo,
  • lotto,
  • poker.

These games also come with mouth-watering bonuses for newbies and regulars. The downside to this famous casino site is that it comes with some country restrictions and can only be accessed through browsers.


Another licensed Apple Pay casino site in New Zealand is PlayOJO. They offer various mobile casino games like:

  • live casino,
  • blackjack,
  • pokies,
  • scratch cards.

They also offer mouthwatering bonuses for starters and experienced players, even though they could do better in this regard. PlayOJO has excellent casino design and gambling support.

All you have to do to get started is register on their website and make your deposit using Apple Pay or another payment provider. The downside to this brand lies in its limited customer support.

Video Pokies

This double-licensed casino offers a not-so-diverse range of jackpot games to its clients, along with an Apple Pay option. They also have one of the most secure casino sites in New Zealand with an inbuilt customer support portal.

Hence, customers can get optimal support from the casino's administrators while being assured that their money is well secured. You can access Video pokies’ live games on your mobile as the interface is friendly with many phone models.


This Apple Pay-enabled casino site is known for its beautiful and easy-to-navigate interface. Its well-designed game page contains a diverse range of games, which include:

  • poker,
  • roulette,
  • scratch card.

The game page also has a well-developed back end that makes sure that customers have an immersive and quality gameplay experience. Additionally, the casino has a special help section to make sure that gamers are always guided.
People can also utilize the site's various payment providers if they don't have Apple Pay-compatible devices. Apart from the absence of bingo games, this site is still among the top mobile casinos in New Zealand.

Pros and Cons of Patronizing an Apple Pay Casino Site

First off, Apple Pay users don't pay the additional transaction fees they would when using other payment methods to make deposits. Additionally, because every payment is safe and private, you may play games without worrying about giving the casino your credit card number or bank account information. Your biometric information is all that is required to verify a transaction.

Apart from the fact that not all casinos accept it, Apple Pay's functions are exclusively available to owners of Apple phones. Additionally, it isn't yet a choice for casino withdrawals. For this, you'll need to employ bank transfers or other withdrawal methods.

A final word

Online gambling has experienced improved Internet penetration in recent times. This development has made it possible for customers to simply place wagers and participate in live games at mobile and internet casinos. You may now remotely access the best gambling portals no matter where you are.

It is not surprising that despite New Zealand's tight gambling regulations against these businesses, players have embraced internet casinos. However, the availability of reliable payment options like Apple Pay has greatly boosted players' confidence. Wherever you choose to gamble, make sure the establishment is a registered casino that has passed an audit by a gambling regulatory body.

Gambling may become a dangerous and addictive habit. Please call the Gambling Helpline at 0800 654-655 if you or a loved one is experiencing a gambling issue.

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