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Destiny 2 Reward Guide Wanted: Fortifier Yann

The fact that it seeks: Fortifier makes it belong to one of the dozens of Spider’s Wanted rewards in Destiny 2. This Cabal target hides in the European Dead Zone and is very easy to kill. You shouldn't need a Fireteam unless you have little power.

So in this guide we will tell you everything you need to know.

Wanted: Yann Fortifier How to beat him in Destiny 2?

Fortifier Yann's reward is found in The Quarry in the EDZ. This is one of the many lost sectors in the European dead zone. As for where The Quarry is, we will locate it in the northern patrol area, the Sunken Islands. The entrance is in the middle of the area, next to a cliff.

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    The Fortifier Yann reward Wanted to cost 3 Ghost Shards, but will reward an upgrade core and some XP.

    Once inside the Lost Sector, all you need to do is make your way to the enemy Yann, but you must be careful because it is more than obvious that the area will be guarded, so you only have to deal with them for a while and keep focused on your main objective.

    You will find Fortifier Yann at the end of the Lost Sector. I should die pretty fast. It is not a very complicated enemy so if you are fighting to inflict damage, wait and wait for your Super to load up and drive with a grenade.

    Once Fortifier Yann is dead, open your Search socket and claim your reward from the reward. Be sure to head back to Tangled Shore to get even more of Spider's Wanted rewards. And as we have said before this is the cost of some fantasy fragments so try to have a little.

    Now that you know where Wanted: Yann Fortifier for the Spider's Wanted reward at Destiny 2, you can start preparing for battle. Good luck!

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