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Master How to create Orbs of Power in Destiny 2 with our expert guide! Level-up your gameplay and gain the ultimate power in your hands!

Welcome, Guardians! In Destiny 2, creating Orbs of Power can greatly benefit you and your teammates during battles. Whether you prefer using your Super, equipping Siphon mods, or fitting your subclass with Fragments, this guide will help you understand the different methods for generating these powerful orbs.

How to create Orbs of Power in Destiny 2

Creating Orbs with Your Super

The simplest and most effective way to generate Orbs of Power is by getting kills with your Super ability. Each subclass in Destiny 2 has its own unique Super ability that can unleash devastating power upon your enemies. Whether you're a Titan smashing the ground with Fist of Havoc or a Warlock unleashing a Nova Bomb, using your Super ability will not only deal massive damage but also create Orbs of Power. These orbs can then be collected by you or your teammates, providing a significant boost to their Super energy.

To maximize your orb generation with your Super, consider using Exotic armor pieces that enhance Super regeneration or offer perks specifically designed to generate more orbs. Additionally, certain subclass trees may have abilities that increase orb creation, so be sure to explore all the options available to you.

 Using Siphon Mods

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Siphon mods offer another avenue for creating Orbs of Power. These mods can be obtained by completing various activities, such as Nightfall Strikes, or by ranking up with the Gunsmith. Siphon mods come in different variations, each enhancing your ability to generate orbs through eliminations with specific damage types.

To utilize Siphon mods effectively, you'll need to understand the damage types associated with each mod. For example, Solar damage mods increase orb creation when using Solar abilities or weapons, while Arc damage mods do the same for Arc abilities or weapons. By strategically choosing the right mod for your playstyle and loadout, you can create orbs while dealing damage tailored to specific situations.

 Fitting Your Subclass with Fragments

Subclass Fragments are a new addition to Destiny 2, providing additional customization options for your subclass abilities. These Fragments can be obtained through various activities, such as completing Beyond Light campaign missions or participating in high-level activities like Nightfalls or Raids.

When it comes to orb generation, subclass Fragments can play a crucial role. Each subclass has its own set of Fragments that offer unique bonuses and enhancements. Some Fragments directly increase orb generation, while others may enhance your Super abilities, cooldowns, or overall effectiveness in combat. Experiment with different combinations of Fragments to find the ones that synergize well with your subclass abilities and playstyle.

 Collecting Orbs

Once created, Orbs of Power will appear on the ground as glowing spheres of energy. To collect them, simply walk over these shining wonders and absorb their power into yourself or share them with nearby teammates. When you collect an orb, your Super energy will increase, allowing you to unleash your devastating Super ability more frequently.

It's important to communicate with your fireteam and coordinate orb collection. If multiple orbs are generated in quick succession, it may be beneficial for one teammate to collect them all to maximize Super energy gains. Alternatively, you can spread out and collect orbs individually to ensure everyone benefits from the orb generation.

Creating Orbs of Power in Destiny 2 is not only a great way to enhance your own abilities but also a valuable contribution to your fireteam's success. Whether it's by utilizing your Super, harnessing the power of Siphon mods, or optimizing subclass Fragments, the choice is yours. By mastering the art of orb generation, you can become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. So go forth, Guardian, and let the orbs shine brightly in your path to victory!

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