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Destiny 2 Reward Guide: Wanted: Gravetide Summoner

In the popular Destiny 2 game there is a very powerful enemy that is one of the targets of Spider's Wanted, but it is not just a humble enemy, it is one of the few boss fights on offer. Because of this, a challenge has emerged that most players aspire to complete, so we will explain everything you need to know to understand.

Wanted: Gravetide Summoner

At Destiny 2, the Gravetide Summoner is one of Spider's great weekly rewards. So it is to be expected that this award, which is located in different positions, has as its objective.

A clear example of this is when he was hidden on Titan in the Lost Sector DS Quarters-2. To fight this enemy, you must go to the patrol area and interact with the search flag.

The fact that this is found in Wanted: Summoner of Gavetide, read the reward to see who is speaking because in the example above it is Sloane, which means the target is on Titan.

Wanted: Summoner of Gravetide is going to be a very simple battle. Once you enter the room you will summon an ogre named Gravetide Ogre. This is really the only obstacle between you and knocking down the Wizard. To damage the Gravetide Summoner you must get rid of his pet Ogre.

Also in Destiny 2 there are other enemies that you have to deal with. During the fight, Knights, Thrall and Thrall Thrall will come to try to ruin themselves. And you must be very aware because an assistant may appear here or 2 times less important that you stay out of the Ogre's view, since many times you will be the most dangerous
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    Shoot down the Gravetide Ogre, leave room to breathe and unleash the Gravetide Summoner. The magician is actually very soft, so he should die pretty quickly. In this battle (and in others also if you wish) it is recommended to use the Mountaintop as a weapon because it is considered an excellent grenade launcher weapon.

    If you manage to beat the Gravetide because your job will be over so you can claim your reward from the reward and go back to your other tasks.

    Each one of the Spider's Wanted rewards costs 5 Ghost Shards, so try to save and manage your submisters very well before launching into the adventure.

    They also reward a large amount of XP (good for increasing that Season Pass rank), as well as one of the ever-useful upgrade cores.

    Aiming for Wanted: Gravetide Summoner in Destiny 2 you should know that there are no big Spider rewards until the next weekly reset. So it is recommended to be aware of new announcements of the game.

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