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PUBG Mobile: how to watch replays

2020-05-13 09:20:04

This time we are back with a PUBG Mobile guide aiming to explain how to watch replays specifically.

What to know about the repetitions in PUBG Mobile?

Access to replays is possible through the installation of a screen recording application for our device, where we can make recordings of each of our plays, now to know how to see the replays it is necessary to focus on the content to be presented in this guide.

How to watch replays in PUBG Mobile?

We will have the details of our tours, the games played, the damage we have caused and much more, this thanks to the option of the replays that are available for PC, which contains the function in a built-in way, in reality there is not yet available this option in the game as such, only that by means of an application it is possible to record our movements, this is due to the high consumption that this represents, having the hard disk on the PC, it means enough space to achieve this storage, taking into account that it will be for a time limit without any inconvenience for the device in relation to delays.

We can conclude by highlighting that knowing how to watch replays can be easier if we are on a PC, being something very fun in PUBG Mobile.

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