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With our comprehensive guide on How to Defeat Crota in Destiny 2. Discover top strategies and tips to conquer this boss.

Welcome, Guardians! Are you ready to take on the challenge of defeating Crota in Destiny 2? Fear not, for we have prepared a friendly guide to help you navigate through this encounter. Crota, the Hive Prince, is a formidable foe, but with the right strategies and teamwork, you can emerge victorious. So grab your weapons and let's dive right in!

How to Defeat Crota in Destiny 2

Understanding the Encounter

To effectively defeat Crota, it is crucial to understand the mechanics of the encounter. The encounter begins with a global debuff called Presence of Crota, which prevents players from swapping the Chalice of Light. This debuff encourages teamwork and coordination among the fireteam members. To swap the Chalice, players must stand in the Pool of Light. These pools can appear in five different areas, so be sure to communicate with your team and designate specific players to stand in each pool.

Teams of three must work together to clear corridors, defeat Boomer Knights, and spawn Ogres and a Swordbearer. The Swordbearer is a key component of the encounter as they drop the Hive Sword, which is crucial for damaging Crota's shield and eventually defeating him.

Obtaining the Hive Sword

Once the Swordbearer spawns, the player designated as Enlightened should grab the Hive Sword. It's important to note that the player with the Chalice of Light should also be the Enlightened player wielding the Hive Sword. This ensures that the Chalice is always available to players during the encounter.

Damaging Crota's Shield

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With the Hive Sword in hand, it's time to damage Crota's shield. The key to this is a specific combo: a Heavy attack followed by a Super, Heavy, and then two more Heavy attacks (Heavy, Super, Heavy, Heavy combo). This combo maximizes the damage output and allows for efficient shield depletion. Coordinate with your team to ensure that the player wielding the sword has ample time to damage Crota before retreating to safety.

Preparing for DPS Phase

Before starting the DPS (Damage Per Second) phase, it is essential to ensure that at least one player is Enlightened. This player should shoot down the Oversoul using a Fusion rifle while holding the Enlightened buff. The Oversoul is a devastating mechanic that must be managed throughout the encounter. By designating an Enlightened player to shoot down the Oversoul, you can mitigate its threat and focus on damaging Crota.

Initiating DPS Phase

To initiate the DPS phase, break Crota's shield using the Hive Sword and create a Well of Radiance. The Well of Radiance, a Warlock's super ability, provides increased damage output for the fireteam. It is crucial to coordinate with your team and ensure that the player with the Well of Radiance is ready to cast it at the right moment. This will maximize your damage potential and increase your chances of defeating Crota quickly.

Once everything is set up, begin your DPS rotation on Crota. Utilize your most powerful weapons, grenades, and abilities to inflict as much damage as possible. Communication is key during this phase to ensure that all fireteam members are on the same page.

Managing Oversouls

During each DPS phase, be sure to shoot down any Oversouls that appear using a Fusion rifle while holding onto the Enlightened buff. Oversouls can quickly wipe out the entire fireteam if left unchecked. By designating an Enlightened player to shoot down Oversouls, you can minimize the risk and maintain your focus on damaging Crota.

Repeating until Victory

To defeat Crota, you must repeat the process of breaking his shield, placing a Well of Radiance, initiating DPS, and shooting down Oversouls. Coordination and communication are crucial throughout the encounter. Remember to adapt and adjust your strategy as needed. Stay patient and persistent, and victory will be within your grasp.

Congratulations, Guardians! By following this friendly guide, you now possess the knowledge to defeat Crota in Destiny 2. Remember to communicate and work together as a team. Each member's role is vital, so support and assist one another throughout the encounter. Crota is a challenging boss, but with the right strategies and teamwork, you can emerge triumphant. Good luck on your journey, Guardians! May the Light guide you to victory!

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