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In addition to the Xenology quest, Destiny 2 sometimes offers Exotic Ciphers as rewards through Season Passes. Season Passes are special content packages that provide additional rewards and activities to players throughout a specific season. These passes can be obtained by purchasing them or through in-game progression.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to earn Exotic Ciphers through Season Pass rewards. For example, the Season of the Witch free pass currently offers one Exotic Cipher to players who reach level 55 on the track. As each season brings new content and rewards, it's essential to stay updated and seize these opportunities as you progress through each season.

Note: Holding Limit

While the acquisition of Exotic Ciphers is exciting, it's important to be aware of the holding limit. In Destiny 2, you can hold a maximum of 5 Exotic Ciphers at once. If you already have 5 or more Ciphers in your inventory, you won't be able to obtain additional ones until you spend or use the ones you have. Make sure to prioritize using your Exotic Ciphers wisely to make room for new ones.

Exotic Ciphers are valuable items in Destiny 2 that allow players to acquire powerful weapons and gear. While they may be rare, completing the Xenology quest from Xur is the most reliable method for obtaining these coveted Ciphers. By keeping track of Xur's weekly location, engaging in the necessary playlist activities, and being mindful of the holding limit, you can increase your chances of acquiring Exotic Ciphers in Destiny 2.

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